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Our Schools are located on major streets where public transportation is offered. We operate during hours that are convenient for mostly all. 

The philosophy of The Nirvana Institute is that every individual deserves quality healthcare regardless of age, race, religion, gender or ethnic origin. The Nirvana Institute Inc. was formed to assist with career goals and prepare students to meet the challenges of the future in healthcare by providing competent and compassionate care.

It is The Nirvana Institute Inc. vision to create a culture of education, empowerment, knowledge and success for all students. As well as produce well trained, caring and dedicated graduates who will render quality healthcare services in various settings.

The Nirvana Institute Inc. was formed in 2011 and we are dedicated to educating the community with the delivery of knowledge and quality healthcare training.

The Nirvana Institute Inc. has received approval from the Illinois Board of Higher Education.

Our Values







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