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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Financial Aid available?

No. If help is needed for your tuition, you may contact one of the Chicago Work Force centers for assistance.

Is a High School Diploma or a GED required in order to take the CNA course?

No High School Diploma or GED is required for the CNA training course.

Is job placement provided?

No, job placement is not provided but, we do provide job assistance.

What do I need to register?

All you need to register is a valid State ID or Driver’s License and your minimum required down payment.

How much is the down payment?

The minimum down payment is $600 for CNA and $700 for Phlebotomy.

What kind of payment plans are available?

We offer weekly and bi-weekly plans. For CNA all payments are due in full by the 4th week of class, and Phlebotomy all payments are due in full by the 5th week of class.

How soon can I register?

You can register at any time during registration hours in one of our campuses or 24 -7 for on-line applications. Registration is open up to the start of any class.

Are books and uniforms included in the tuition?

Yes, for both classes.

How soon after successfully completing the courses can I take my state board exam?

CNA and Phlebotomy State Board Exams are typically offered two weeks after the successful completion of your course.

What is the latest that I can register for a class?

You can register for any class all the way up until the day that the class starts, provided that there is still space available. Early registration is encouraged. 

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