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Terms & Conditions of
CNA Acknowledgement Form
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Dear Prospective Student, before registering, please read ALL information thoroughly in its entirety. After reading, you must sign below as acknowledgment of your understanding of the following:

1. If enrolling in the CNA Course, I understand that it is MANDATED by the Illinois Department of Public Health that I have my fingerprints completed on or before the 1st day of the course, the cost is $50.00

2. I understand in order to receive a refund of any deposit/down payment, minus the processing fee; I MUST submit a written request to cancel the course BEFORE THE 1st DAY OF CLASS.

3. If applying for a refund, $300.00 of my Registration Fee is NON-REFUNDABLE.

4. There will be a CPR course offered during the program from the American Heart Association. If a student wants the CPR Card (optional), the cost is $50.00

5. If applicable, I will adhere to the signed payment plan agreement or I will be dropped from the course for non-payment.

6. I MUST be on time for class/theory and clinical/Lab training.

7. I will not exceed more than one (1) day of absence or I will be dropped from the course.


8. In order to pass the course successfully, I must complete and pass the Theory, Clinical and Laboratory portion of my course successfully.

9. A valid social security number is required

10. All theory, clinical and lab hours must be made up in order to successfully pass the course.

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